About Kona Koa

Kona Koa supplied raw and milled, cured wood. They mainly supplied Koa, but also supplied Monkeypod, Ulu (Breadfruit) and Mango. Owner, Bob Russell also created functional works of art out of the Hawaiian grown woods such as Koa, Ulu (Breadfruit), Wiliwili, Mango and Monkeypod.

Artisan Products

  • Papa He'e Nalu - Replicas of ancient Hawaiian surfboards made from specifications found on ancient boards on display in Bishop museum.
  • Bowls & Platters - Koa, Ulu and Mango bowls and platters.

Papa He'e Nalu - Traditional Hawaiian Surfboard

Papa He'e Nalu is the general name in Hawaiian for surfboard. They had more specific names for boards of different sizes and dimensions. In ancient Hawaii surfboards came in four different sizes, listed from biggest to smallest:

  • Olo - 12 feet plus.
  • Kiko'o - 8-12 feet.
  • Alaia - 6-8 feet.
  • Paipo - 4-6 feet.

All replica products were made to original specifications from ancient artifacts found in Bishops Museum. While all of the replicas are beautiful to display, they are also fully functional.